Aerya-chan - Your first Sportsbook Discord Bot.

Aerya Sportsbook FULL GUIDE CLICK HERE (Github Gist link.)

Type a!profile in a Discord server that has the bot the first time you use to get registered in the bot database.

The prefix of the bot is a!

Some commands require the user to have Discord guild permissions. The required permission is displayed at each command.

Command Description Example Aliases
a!help Get the link to this page. a!help
a!ping Check ping of Aerya-chan. a!ping
a!support Get the invite link to MoeKawaiiSpace discord server. a!support a!discord
a!stats Displays Aerya statistics. a!stats
a!avatar Gets a user's avatar. Use "server" after a!avatar can get the server's icon. a!avatar
a!avatar @someweeb
a!avatar server
a!serverinfo Shows info about the current server such as server ID, roles, members, region, etc. a!serverinfo a!sinfo
Command Description Example Aliases
a!profile [@user ] View yours or someone else's personal profile. a!profile
a!profile @someweeb
a!setdescription Set the description that will be displayed on your profile. a!setdesc
a!setbirthday Set your birthday to display on your profile. a!setbday
a!marriage [@user ] Married with some one in a server that you are typing the command. However, it will be shown on your global profile. Both of you must accept. 1 month cooldown. a!marriage @someweeb -> a!accept
a!xplb Display members with the most XP in server. a!xplb
a!xpglb Display members with the most XP in global. a!xpglb
a!login Get your daily login reward (1000 Vallis per 24h). a!login a!daily
a!reputation [@user ] Award someone a reputation point. Can only be used once every 24 hours. Leave blank to check reputation cooldown. a!reputation @someweeb a!rep
a!balance [user ] [amount ] Check your credit balance or give someone else some moni. a!balance
a!balance @someweeb 9001
a!shop Check the shop badges and see what you want. a!shop
a!buy <Item/badge name > Buy badges that is in the shop. a!buy somethingblabla
Command Description Example Aliases
a!anime <Search Terms > Gets details of an anime from MAL. a!anime Nagi no Asukara
Command Description Example Aliases
a!play <Song name or Youtube/Soundcloud link> Play any song or playlist from youtube. If the argument is not a URL then it will pick the first result from youtube search base on your input. a!play Counting Stars
a!pause Pause the current playing song. a!pause
a!resume Resume the song that you just paused. a!resume
a!leave Force stop everything and leave the voice room. a!leave
a!queue List the song that is in the queue. a!queue
a!shuffle Shuffle the current song list. a!shuffle
a!forward <TIME IN SECOND>
Forward the current song to a position that you specify (IN SECOND). For example, a!forward 1800 will forward 30 mins from the current position. a!forward 1800 a!fw 1800
a!backward <TIME IN SECOND>
Backward the current song to a position that you specify (IN SECOND). For example, a!backward 1800 will backward 30 mins from the current position. a!backward 1800 a!bw 1800
a!skip Skip the current song. a!skip
a!loop Loop the current song. a!loop
a!nowplaying Display the current playing song with a playback bar. a!nowplaying a!np
Command Description Example Aliases
a!match_bet Get our server invite link that GO TO THE SPORTSBOOK CHANNEL so you can follow it. a!match_bet
a!bet [bet_slip_number ] [left OR right side ] [amount ] Place a bet on a slip. (THIS MUST BE SEND IN THE DM OF THE BOT, OTHERWISE IT WON'T WORK. DON'T TYPE THE HASHTAG IN BET SLIP NUMBER) a!bet 000001 left 999
Command Description Example Aliases
Manage Server
Sets a custom prefix for your server. a!prefix
Command Description Example Aliases
a!prune <1-1000>
Manage Messages
Prunes the specified number of messages from the channel. Use "all" to prune everything and the bot will automatically create a brand new channel. a!prune 17
a!prune all
a!kick <@user > [kick message ]
Kick Members
Kicks a user. You are allowed to specify a kick message. a!kick @someweeb
a!kick @someweeb I hate you baka!
a!ban <@user > [ban message ]
Ban Members
Bans a user. You are allowed to specify a ban message. a!ban @elystia
a!ban @elystia Baka!


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